President CIF-USA

Carolyn Sutton

  • Elected President in Cyprus 2011
  • Re-elected President in Turkey 2013
  • Re-elected President in Sweden 2015
  • Joined CIF in 1985

Positions held:
Board Member CIP-Chicago
Secretary CIP-Chicago
Participated in CIF-Sweden 1985
Secretary CIF-USA 2007

Why she remains involved with CIF:
I remain involved in CIF because of the opportunities to meet people from around the world, to exchange ideas, and offer different solutions to the challenges we all face in our role as social workers. Most importantly has been the life-long friendships that have evolved over the years by meeting at biannual conferences and visiting each other in their home country. Living in a different culture helps us to see the world through different lens. The new lens can provide ways to enrich us all, and I believe move us toward the world peace in which we seek.

Secretary CIF-USA

Maria Caravaca-Zuniga

  • Elected Secretary at 32nd CIF International Conference in Kalamata, Greece 2017.

Positions held:

Why she remains involved with CIF-USA:

Vice President CIF-USA

Monica Krise

  • Joined CIF-USA in 2016 
  • Host Family for CIP-USA delegate from Kyrgyzstan in 2016 and delegate from Russia in 2017
  • Participant in Professional Exchange
    Program CIF-Nepal 2016

CIF-USA Officers
President-Carolyn Sutton (Illinois)
Vice President-Monica Krise (Arizona)
Secretary-Maria Caravaca-Zuniga (California)
Treasurer-Hiram Ruiz-(Florida)
Member At-Large-Louise Anderson (Minnesota)

Treasurer CIF-USA

Hiram Ruiz

  • Joined CIF-USA 2015
  • Participated in the Professional Exchange
    Program CIF-Turkey 2015

Positions held:

  • Appointed CIF-USA  Treasurer 2016

Why he remains involved with CIF-USA:

My first direct involvement with CIF, participating in the Turkey program in March 2015, was the impetus and inspiration for becoming involved in CIF- USA. Apart from the opportunity to get first-hand impressions of social services in very different setting, the warmth with which CIF Turkey members embraced me, and the lasting friendships, I formed attested to how CIF helps build much-needed bridges across nations and cultures. Upon return, I committed to helping promote the goals of CIF through involvement in CIF-USA. I hope with others who have shared the PEP experience, we can continue to build bridges with like-minded colleagues worldwide.

Member At-Large CIF-USA

Louise Anderson

  • Elected Vice President in Turkey 2013
  • Joined Twin Cities International Program
    in 1986

Positions held:

  • Host Family
  • Board Member of Twin Cities International.
  • Participated in several Professional Exchange Programs, most recently CIF-Nepal 2012

Why she remains involved with CIF-USA:

I have always considered myself a citizen of the world with your community being my community. Participation in social work cultural exchanges have given me a greater appreciation of the complexities of the world, and have increased my knowledge of the depth of other cultures. My life has been enhanced by my involvement with CIF, and enabled me to make friends from around the world.

our team

  • Attendee to the 32nd CIF International Conference in Kalamata, Greece 2017
  • Attendee as CIF-USA Observer to the CIF International Board Meeting in Vienna, Austria 2018

Positions held:

  • Elected CIF-USA Vice President at the 32nd CIF International Conference in Kalamata, Greece 2017

Why she remains involved with CIF-USA:

Simply stated, I remain involved with CIF because of the amazing people I get to know, and together we have the potential to do good in this world!  Diving deeper, I want you to know what awesome experiences have been opened to me through being a member of this organization and becoming friends with CIF members around the world. CIF is an an international organization with the vision and mission to strengthen worldwide human relationships through mutual understanding, respect and sharing. Through the generous exchange of experiences, our hearts, minds and spirits are expanded. I believe my participation in CIF is an expression of the principals, ethics, and standards of the Social Work profession to which I belong. I believe in the value and aspirations of CIF and want to contribute to these world-wide efforts.

Council of International Fellowship-United States of America

Professional & cultural exchange program for social workers and youth workers